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What is Your Future?

What is Your Future? Ask me 1 Question at a time for $1 a Minute, every time, everyday, 24/7. No hidden fees, no extra charges, no wasting money listening to recordings while you are waiting to connect to a psychic.

Psychic Text Readings

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Psychic Text Readings

Psychic Text Readings are perfect when you need help with a decision. It is easy to connect with Psychic Lisa Paron and chat from any country in the world. Text with me from anywhere, without having to worry about who else is in the room with you. Psychic Text Reading gives you instant and honest answers to any questions you ask from any location. Text messaging is a fun, entertaining and convenient way to deliver Psychic messages to you. Only $1 a Minute 24/7.

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eclipse,Total Eclipse of the Sun

Eclipse 2017-2018

Eclipses are celestial events that indicate change, opportunities, new beginnings and sometimes endings. Read more about the Eclipse's and see how your Star Sign may be affected over the next 12 months.

Lunar and Solar Eclipse 

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018

Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018. How will it affect your Star Sign?

Jupiter in Scorpio
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Secrets to Success Zodiac Signs, Crystals Sun Signs

Crystal Horoscopes 2017, Crystal Horoscopes, Crystal Astrology Forecast, Crystals for Zodiac signs, Crystals Sun signs, Lucky Crystal Gemstones, Weekly Horoscopes 2017, See your Crystal check your Sun sign, Moon sign and Ascendant sign for Crystal energy luck, Crystal Healing and wellness. Secrets to Success Zodiac Signs.

Astrology secrets to success for Zodiac Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs during this astrology forecast. Read your Sun, Moon and Ascendant zodiac sign for your secrets to success.

Lucky Crystals for Star Signs 💎Crystals for Zodiac Star Signs

The Stars have spoken. )O(

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Crystal Gemstone Readings, Email Reading

Crystal Gemstone Readings use a blend of metaphysical tools utilizing astrology, crystals, flower essences, elixirs, color, aromatherapy as well as music. Crystals are very powerful stones that can activate beneficial energy and help remedy challenged planetary interactions in your horoscope that block your success. Use the power of crystal energy to jump start your life and remedy challenged planets in your horoscope. Learn More.

Crystal Astrology Reading

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Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Libra

crescent moon buttonLibra sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through beautiful Libra today. Make it a date night. Smile, it looks good on you.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 20° Sagittarius 04' 45"
Moon 09° Libra 23' 08"
Mercury 22° Sagittarius 47' 52" R
Venus 13° Sagittarius 16' 31"
Mars 01° Scorpio 36' 38"
Jupiter 13° Scorpio 15' 48"
Saturn 29° Sagittarius 01' 38"
Uranus 24° Aries 46' 12" R
Neptune 11° Pisces 34' 22"
Pluto 18° Capricorn 07' 31"
Chiron 24° Pisces 20' 11"
TrueNode 16° Leo 51' 19" R

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