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Online Psychic Text Readings, Online Psychic Readings 2018, Psychic Readings Text, Psychic Text Reading, Text Readings, Psychic Tarot Card Readings and Astrology Readings by instant message or Psychic Email Reading for more details. Accurate Psychic Readings at Online Psychic Texting Service. Psychic Message by text with a live Psychic. Psychic Readings with Lisa Paron. $1 a Minute.

Psychic Readings by text have quickly become one of the most popular Psychic Readings on the internet. Psychic Text Readings are quick, convenient and give you the freedom to have your reading from anywhere in the world. Get a Psychic Reading from home, when you are confined, waiting for a friend or during travel, on your lunch break or in a park or nature setting.

Psychic Text Reading services are perfect when you need help with a decision. It is easy to connect with a psychic and chat from anywhere, without having to worry about who else is in the room with you. Psychic Text Reading gives you instant and honest answers to any questions you ask from any location. Text messaging is a fun, entertaining and convenient way to deliver Psychic messages to you.

Epic. Lisa’s keen intuition and wise advice saved us a ton of money. Thank you again. We highly recommend a reading with Psychic Lisa Paron.

Ben and Kelly, San Francisco, California, USA August 2017

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Psychic Text Readings, $1 a Minute 24/7

Psychic Text Readings, Text Readings, $1 a Minute. Psychic Texting Readings are affordable at $1 a Minute and can be received global and worldwide from any location around the world including #USA, #Canada, #UK, #China and #Australia. Chat Readings give you privacy as well as the security of a controlled and safe environment of your choosing. Psychic messages are sent securely and discretely to your phone, tablet, laptop or PC. 

Psychic Lisa Paron

Lisa Paron is a Psychic, Sensitive Medium, Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, Published Writer for Dell Horoscope Magazine and an International Radio Show guest from the Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada area. I am proud of my Celtic roots and have practiced many methods of divination since I was a small child. I am a sensitive with a deep connection to the paranormal and my mother encouraged me to develop my skills by participating in Seances using the Ouija board and Crystal Balls. To say the least, I had an unusual childhood.  🌕 ♒️ 🔮

 Best psychic I’ve come across. She is very sweet and gave me some amazing advice. Emily Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom April 2017  

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Certifications and Qualifications

I am Certified and have completed many advanced courses on Advanced Astrology, Card Reading, Angels and Medium-ship with Kepler Astrological College, Robert Hand, Donna Cunningham, Julie Demboski, John Holland, James Van Praagh, Colette Baron-Reid, Radleigh Valentine, Doreen Virtue and Hay House. Colette Baron-Reid said I was very powerful.

I continue to hone my spiritual psychic crafts by taking advanced Psychic, Medium, ancient Astrology and Tarot Card techniques as well as other esoteric and metaphysical course's. I can't help it, to me, this is fun. I have always been kind of a nerd for ancient history, the occult sciences, folklore and the paranormal. I love to keep learning.

My Psychic abilities include Medium, prophecy, clairvoyance and clairaudience. I call these special gifts my little voice. I have a strong spiritual connection with people and animals which began when I started to see energy fields, orbs and spirits as a child.

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My Reading Style

My clients say my Reading style is straight forward yet gentle, intuitive and compassionate. People describe me as an easy to talk to Spiritual Advisor who you can trust to give bang on predictions about past, present and or future events.

My clients say I am highly recommended, very caring and people trust me. They feel comfortable opening up to me because I am really easy to talk to. People have always felt comfortable around me to ask advice. They say I am a sweet lady who has a special gift and is also a great advisor. Spirit speaks to me.

Her presence is very motherly. I feel comfortable doing business with her, and I think you will too.


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Psychic Astrology Readings, Email Readings 2018

Psychic Astrology Readings, Email Readings 2018. I have Read for many people remotely online from all over the world without ever meeting them in person. I like to use a combination of my metaphysical skills of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Cards and Psychic Intuition to enhance each Psychic Reading. I take my time with each Email Reading to meditate on you and receive your spirit messages. 

I also may use crystals, a pendulum or a Crystal Ball depending on the information my clients seek. I offer you a Unique and Premium Psychic Service. My clients say they just love the special care and extra time I put into my readings.  

My clients include celebrities, actors, entertainers, psychics, doctors, scientists, business owners, regular people and former skeptics. Many of these people are regular repeat customers. My clients are from countries including #canada, #usa, #uk, #europe, #australia, #russia, #china, #asia and I have many clients from #thunderbay #toronto, #winnipeg, #nipigon, #vancouver, #boston, #nyc, #losangeles, #london, #glasgow, #dublin, #brisbane, #melbourne and #sydney.

If you feel a connection with me, there is a reason you are here. Spirit is telling you I am the right Psychic for you. I will be happy to tap into my gift to help you.

Every time, everything perfectly explained, incredibly insightful.


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Reviews Psychic Lisa Paron

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Booking a Psychic Text Reading

Psychic Text Readings at Online Psychic Texting Service are safe, quick and only $1 a Minute. Filling out your personal information only takes a few minutes and you can pay securely with your credit card. I accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You may also pay with your debit card and PayPal. Safe, Secure and easy payment options. 

Simply steps to get started:

1 Select the length of your reading. You can choose between a 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute reading for only $1 a minute. 

2 Complete and SUBMIT your personal details and choose a text option such as Facebook Messenger.

3 Purchase securely online. Click the link below to pay securely with your credit card through PayPal.

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 to 48 hours after payment has been approved. This will include a suitable Date and Time to expect you're Online Text Psychic Reading. I will work with you to set up a mutually convenient time for us both, Make sure to check your inbox as well as spam folder just in case you miss me.

4 You must reply to this email to A.S.A.P. to secure your appointment or reschedule your date and time of your Psychic Text Reading. Enjoy your Psychic Reading.

Ask me 1 Question at a time for $1 a Minute, every time, everyday, 24/7. No hidden fees, no extra charges, no wasting money listening to recordings while you are waiting to connect to a psychic. Purchased minutes and reading must be used at time of session and cannot be used at a later date.

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Psychic Text Readings for Emergency Questions

Psychic texting is one of the fastest and most affordable ways of contacting a psychic if you need advice on any subject. Online Psychic Readings provide help when you need it and can change your life for the better. Feel free to ask me about anything that is worrying or troubling you. Psychic Readings with me are healing and can help you make a decision, life change or cope and deal better with any emotional crisis that pops up in your life.

People have always felt comfortable opening up to me. You may ask me questions about a job decision, career, love, marriage, marriage decisions, partners, relationship issues or a sudden relationship split, divorce, bereavement, loss or ending in your life. Keep your questions brief and simple for the best results. Complex questions require the proper time allowed in an Email Reading not a quick text.

Many people love to be able to ask a live psychic questions for unbiased advice, especially if they are unable to talk to their family or friends due to shyness, embarrassment or fear of rejection. There is no need to ever feel alone or worry by yourself when my psychic message readings can help make you feel so much better. The day to day stress you endure and keep to yourself, can build up negativity and blockages. Worry and stress can eventually make you feel unhappy, tired or lower your immunity. Anxiety, insomnia or emotional shocks and arguments may leave you vulnerable to sickness, emotional attack or harm. Psychic Text Readings are therapeutic, a release from the stress in your life, cutting the cords to negativity as well as an emotional detox for your aura and soul.

Psychic Readings are available on Psychic Texting, Psychic Instant Messenger or by Psychic Email Readings. Connect with me on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram or Skype Message. Get the answers you need with a Psychic Text Reading at Online Psychic Texting Service. I am here to guide you through your changing emotional and spiritual needs with straight forward and gentle advice. Connect with me now!

You pretty much nailed it and have a grateful new client. The advice you gave me at the end really hit home with me and has helped me in ways you just don't know. Thank you. Jill Toronto, Canada October 2017


Purchase a Psychic Text Reading to suit the time you need for only $1 a minute. It is up to you to spend as much or as little as you like. No hidden fees or extras charges later. Purchase a Psychic Text Reading for 15 Minutes for only $15 dollars USChoose your Minutes and Pay with a credit card securely through PayPal.

Online Psychic Texting Service Price List

Psychic Texting Global and Worldwide including countries like the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. $1 a Minute 24/7.

15 minutes $15

30 minutes $30

45 minutes $45

60 minutes $60

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Good Questions to Ask during a Text Reading

Good questions to ask during your psychic reading. Try to keep your questions simple and short. Answers will be brief. Complex questions require an Email Reading to properly analysis.

Will I find love and romance soon?

Am I with a good partner?

Will I become pregnant?

Is my relationship worth giving a second chance?

Is my relationship toxic?

Is my partner cheating on me?

Will I get a pay raise at work?

Is now a good time to buy a car?

Should I quit my job now?

What do I need to know about my present situation?

Is this a good time to ask someone for a favor?

Is this a good time to apply for a new job or promotion?

Will I be travelling somewhere?

Should I go on that trip?

How to prepare for a Psychic Text Reading

Take a moment to disconnect from the hustle and bustle. Get comfortable. Take two or three deep slow breaths. Inhale slowly and after a moment exhale focusing on your questions. Soon you will get the answers you need with the help of Online Psychic Advisor Lisa Paron. Ask anything you want. Do you have questions about Love, Compatibility, Relationships, Career Choices, Life Path or Destiny?

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Guardian Angels, Spirit Messages and Medium Ship Readings

Psychic Medium Readings

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2018/2019 Horoscope Reports

Book photo by Joao Silas

Tarosophy Tarot Association

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